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Welcome to Cake!
Cake is a casual, social Free Company on Odin in FFXIV. Originally set up by a group of players from an FC that fell apart, and based loosely on a Linkshell of the same name in FFXI, we are eager to explore Eorzea together. If you're interested in joining us, follow the links below and let us know!

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  Patch Notes - Patch 3.01
Posted by: Katsumi - 07-07-2015, 09:15 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

[Image: 633c5405feceb6aff0726fc6ffc79b08edff54a8.png]

The patch notes for 3.01 have been released! Some important highlights:
  • Raid: Alexander has been released, ilvl 170 requirement for DF. Quest is called Disarmed and is on the Goblin Slowfix in Idyllshire. Loot is not gear, but tokens that you can exchange for gear. There is a one item per floor per week limit.
  • Jobs: Bard's Wanderer's Minuet is now 30% damage increase (from 20%) and instant cast, with a recast timer. Machinist's Gauss Barrel is the same. Both jobs have received a small nerf in damage to other abilities that require their stances to compensate.
  • Items: New items released, see picture below!
[Image: 633c5405feceb6aff0726fc6ffc79b08edff54a8_2.png]
  • Optional Items: Tataru and Alisaie have been added as minions to the Mogstation store.
  • Primals: Ravana EX bug fixed (not that any of us have seen it yet, but it means we don't have to worry about all the walls breaking because of a bug!)
Full patch notes here on the Lodestone.

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  Cake Pony Farm!
Posted by: Katsumi - 05-14-2015, 11:48 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (23)

[Image: cake-pony-farm.png]


With the new changes to the primal ponies (having them play their primal's badass music) there's been a lot of interest in farming them now. With that in mind, this week we will do our first Cake primal party!

Friday 15th May @ 8:00pm GMT+1

Please sign-up at the link above and fill in your names/classes as usual, but also vote for the pony you most want to farm. We will farm them in order of votes, so the pony with the most votes will be the first one we farm. There are two methods that we can do this:
  • After each pony drops, we ask if everyone wants to continue farming this same primal, or if we should move on;
  • We farm the first primal until everyone has a pony, and then move onto the next on the list.
We won't get everyone all of the ponies in one night, but we can always do one of these every week or two until everyone has all of the ponies. Please leave a comment in the thread with your preference for these methods (ie either vote whether we continue after each drop, or just farm til everyone has a drop).

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  T10 down - congratulations!
Posted by: Katsumi - 05-01-2015, 09:41 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (4)

[Image: cakefc_t10-congrats.png]

Congratulations on T10 Cakelets!

We have now officially cleared T10 as a full FC group, and more importantly for some people it was a first, so congratulations! There are still a few people who need the clear, so next week that will be our goal. But good job to everyone last night for killing the bad kitty Imdugud (Imnogood? Imadogood? Imtoobad?).

With this defeat starts our long journey through the Final Coil of Bahamut together. Let's try and clear it all before the expansion comes out!

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  Cakes Against Humanity!
Posted by: Katsumi - 04-22-2015, 11:24 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (8)

[Image: cakes-against-humanity.png]


The time has come again! This weekend Cakes Against Humanity makes its magnificent return. So bring your most offensive jokes and leave your delicate sensibilities at the door for another round of online Cards Against Humanity! 

Saturday 25th April
7:00pm GMT+1

All that you will require is:
  • A terrible sense of humour
  • Your beautiful personalities and selves
  • Teamspeak and working headset (for the funsies!)
  • Copious quantities of the booze of your choice
The game will be played in a browser, links will be sent to everyone before we get started. No prior Cards Against Humanity experience required. If you've never played it before, you can find out more about the game here. The most important thing to remember is that most of the jokes are terrible and usually the most offensive card combination wins!

No sign-ups are required, but it'd be great if you could leave a comment in this thread to let me know if you'll be there and at what time you can join, just to make sure we have enough interest to keep it fun!

Note: If the time above doesn't work for most people, we can adjust as necessary. If it's too early, feel free to drop in later, no problem! We'll likely play for a few hours until we're too drunk to continue, and then start making stupid decisions such as farming T5 inebriated.

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  T9 for the Queen!
Posted by: Katsumi - 04-10-2015, 10:22 AM - Forum: Announcements - Replies (7)

[Image: cakefc-t9-for-queen.png]

Now that our lovely queenie Arvi is coming back after having not had internet for the last few weeks, it's time to get her through T9 too so we can start our adventures in Final Coil together! So if you think that you could stomach looking at Nael once more (we've all had a lovely break for the last week!) come along and let's get her through the fight for one last time.

Tuesday 14th April
8:00pm GMT+1

I've already signed up Arvi so that she has a guaranteed spot. There is a small chance her internet won't be back on Tuesday, in which case we will do this later in the week instead and work on something else on Tuesday, but please come prepared to work on T9 for at least a little bit!

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