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3.1 Dungeon Preview - Katsumi - 10-22-2015

[Image: 6b16c65c40e9cdcab3109522c7b3de976c082cb8.png]


Since 3.1 is on the way, SE just released some more (pretty limited) info about the upcoming dungeons. Here's a preview, link at the bottom for more info.

NEW: Saint Mocianne's Arboretum

[Image: 6b16c65c40e9cdcab3109522c7b3de976c082cb8_0.png]

Level 60, i170 required. Possible new item/glamour drops linked through Japanese social media:

[Image: CR6SdolVEAAabym.png:large]
Apparently L-R: Caster, Tank, Nina, Dragoon, Healer, Monk, Bard/Machinist

HARD MODE: Pharos Sirius

[Image: 6b16c65c40e9cdcab3109522c7b3de976c082cb8_1.png]

Level 60, i170 required. Kirsty currently so excited by this addition. </sarcasm>

More info can be found here.

RE: 3.1 Dungeon Preview - Iolet - 10-22-2015

wooohooo HM PS <.< so looking forward to that

RE: 3.1 Dungeon Preview - Arvenia - 10-23-2015

That's nice SE. Realize date might be super awesome….

RE: 3.1 Dungeon Preview - Aindrais - 10-23-2015

Kirsty is going to cry when she gets PS ALL DA TIME

RE: 3.1 Dungeon Preview - Katsumi - 10-23-2015

I'm actually just going to die on the spot. It's like my curse. I seriously raged so hard when the last Bard quest was fucking SIRENNNN OMG.