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Alexander: Gordias (Savage) Preview is up!
[Image: 8910725c83875a6c314c0c5e73b7f1d6f626c5c5.png]

Key Info:

  • Progress is saved. You can rechallenge it if you complete it, but if all members of your party have completed it that week you have to wait til reset.
  • Requires 8-man party, no Duty Finder (no surprise). Speak to Redbrix in Dravanian Hinterlands to enter with your full party.
  • Quest requirement is A Song of Steam and Steel from The Wandering Minstrel in Mor Dhona.
  • Treasure coffers drop gear, and also each player will receive a token they can exchange for gear. Less treasure coffers appear if people in your party have already completed that zone that week.
Full preview is here.
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